Twilight Display

Wireless broadcast mode

Hidden 5-inch bass

In the unexpected back space, the Ben Lei bass system* with a real 5-inch inverter tube is inserted. Unlike the passive diaphragm commonly used in portable audio, which compromises the quality of the bass, Lyiew provides accurate, flexible and higher-quality bass with higher transient dynamics.

New material. Black technology diaphragm

Natural mulberry silk composite ultra-light and thin carbon fiber diaphragm. The organic fiber adhesion based on flake graphite microcrystals makes the diaphragm material can reduce the weight by 30% compared with the traditional carbon fiber, and increase the hardness and strength, reduce the segmentation vibration, and effectively eliminate the nonlinear distortion.

Qualcomm's flagship Bluetooth audio processing chip QCC3034

It fully supports the data stream of Qualcomm's AptX HD protocol, and is directly input to the power amplifier through the Bluetooth 5.0 wireless transmission chip via l2S. Dual-channel push-pull digital power amplifier with 24bit high-precision hardware DSP realizes full digital stream PCM transmission close to wired quality, and eliminates external interference to the greatest extent.